About Me

Naomi Remijn

Naomi Remijn is a design studio from the Netherlands with a wide variation of projects. From new materials to campaigns and from interior design to research based projects. In all of my projects you can see my view of the world.

Let me show you the beauty in materials. Hear my opinion of the important theme’s in society or let me fresh up your interior with my unique interior pieces.

I work on self-initiated design projects, but I am definitely open for a collaboration.

My work was shown on the Architect Biennale (Venice, 2016), the Ace Color Exhibition (Rotterdam, 2017) and Launch 2019 (Breda, 2019). My work was publicated in an articel of Material District.

Want to work with me? Contact me.

KvK: 72256613

Algemene Voorwaarden: Algemene-voorwaarden